Neurowocky Games is a team of one. happy-man.png

John Loehrlein (me, the developer) has worked for Disney, Ubisoft, Jaleco, and Rebel. I'm mostly a programmer (I have a compsci degree), but I've also worked as an artist.

patient.png "Neurowocky" was born from my desire to keep making games while dealing with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, an auto-immune disorder that attacks the myelin insulation around the nerves. So Neuro for nerves... and it's a scary. Hence "Neurowocky."

light-bulb.pngThis forced me to get creative. Things like dealing with fatigue by working for 4 hours then sleeping for 4 hours and then working for 4 hours... learning to use the mouse with either hand... stuff like that.

sportive.png But now I've more-or-less recovered (and the odds of it reoccuring are < 0.01%), so no worries there, and I'm back to 100% when it comes to making games. (I just won't be running in any marathons anytime soon... not that I ever did.)

 crowd.png At some point I'd like to work with a team again, so while I'll always fully support the games Neurowocky makes, eventually I'd like to join a creative, passionate studio.